Company Policy

As we grow and evolve as a company, we make sure that our policies and practices support our core beliefs, values, guiding principles and goals.  We strive to make Agilent the best place to work for every employee.  Below is a list of some of the policies and practices that support our Global diversity and inclusion and work/life success.

Policies Programs, and Guidelines

  • Electronic job posting
  • Harassment-free work environment
  • Domestic partner benefits
  • Non-discrimination policy
  • Employee Network Group guidelines (U.S.)  
  • Open Door Policy
  • Education Assistance Program
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  • Agilent is an Equal Opportunity Employer (U.S.)

Shared Practices

  • Open communications
  • Management by objective
  • Share in company's success
  • Provide development opportunities
  • Value and leverage diversity for business success
  • Competitive pay practices
  • Flexible work hours
  • Creative, energetic and innovative work environment
Business Strategy

Why Global diversity/inclusion and work/life balance are important to Agilent:

  • Our customers, suppliers, strategic partners and stakeholders are increasingly global and multicultural. We must be positioned to relate to them.
  • Our customers are changing--their needs and expectation for products and services are diverse. We must be able to understand, connect and respond.
  • Our competitive advantage is to become the leader in innovation, creativity, problem-solving and organizational flexibility. We must be able to address work/life balance challenges and leverage diverse perspectives, talents and teams to meet this global challenge.
  • The work force demographics are changing in most countries. The competition to attract and retain top talent is increasing. To ensure our business success, we must be the best place to work for everyone.
  • Our global competitiveness will not be achieved merely by designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling superior products. We must also develop and apply excellent global people skills around the world.
Managing Work/Life Challenges

Agilent provides a broad range of programs and activities to help employees manage commitments in their work and personal life. A variety of tools and services help employees save time, energy, and stress.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements. Many of Agilent’s employees use alternatives to traditional Monday-through-Friday work arrangements. These include part-time, telecommuting, job-shares and variable work schedules.
  • Flexibility Practices. Agilent is proud of its heritage of providing flexible work hours for employees. Agilent's Flexible Time Off (FTO) program lets employees use paid time off for rest and recreation, vacation, personal business, personal illness or illness of family members.
  • Dependent Care Resource and Referral. Agilent provides a variety of resource and referral services for employees who have dependent care responsibilities for children, elders, people with disabilities and others. Agilent's goal is to help employees handle dependent care responsibilities so they can achieve their business objectives while they are at work. Agilent's centralized programs and information aim to provide support to all of Agilent. Local Agilent entities may choose to make additional dependent care investments in locations where community based services are inadequate and business objectives are impacted.
  • MagellanAssist. offers data sheets - available worldwide - providing information on a broad range of work/life challenges plus consulting and written materials are available to U.S. employees.
  • Mother's Room. Some Agilent facilities offer a "mother's room" to support new moms returning to work, and the nursing needs of their babies.
  • Quiet Room. Some Agilent facilities offer a "quiet room" to support employees who need a break, respite or quiet time.