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We offer a service plan to fit the unique goals of your lab. Whether it is an Agilent CrossLab Gold, Silver or Bronze service plan – or an Extended Warranty and Repair Service – our laboratory service plans offer various proactive services, onsite repairs, hardware repairs and parts to minimize workflow disruptions and optimize productivity in your lab.

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Service Now

No matter what service you need, we offer full instrument maintenance and performance solutions to keep your lab running smoothly and efficiently. Our wide variety of services includes instrument repair, calibration and preventive maintenance, as well as regulatory compliance and non-regulatory compliance services for your instruments.

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Inclusive Lab Services

We maximize your lab’s productivity with our comprehensive support plans for your instruments and accessories. Our Agilent CrossLab service plans help you keep laboratory operations running smoothly – day after day, year after year. Our service plans are the reason 12 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies chose us to support their multivendor laboratory equipment.

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More Than 14,000 Repair Parts

Our comprehensive portfolio of Agilent replacement parts and supplies are designed to work seamlessly with your instruments. Our products have been engineered or selected by our instrument design teams, manufactured to our demanding specifications – then tested under various conditions to ensure that every part will perform at optimal levels.

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Lab Software Maintenance Agreements

With an Agilent CrossLab Software Maintenance Agreement, you will get the help you need, when you need it, to keep your software running at its highest level. You will get upgrades and updates when they become available, and when you need advice and troubleshooting tips, an Agilent CrossLab software expert is only a phone call away.

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Reduce Your Risks

With more than 20 years of experience in regulatory compliance and 130,000 successful qualifications, you can trust us to help you reduce your regulatory risk. Agilent CrossLab Compliance Services are fully automated and fully compatible with most chromatography data systems. They’re also independent from equipment manufacturers.

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Help Yourself

With our original equipment manufacturer parts, you can trust that optimal instrument performance and reliability will be restored whenever you have a problem. For an extra layer of security, our service engineers can install the parts to ensure proper installation.

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