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Agilent Air Interface Remote Monitoring System (E6476A, E6478A)
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Reduce operating expenses by autonomously collecting drive test data

With the Agilent Technologies Air Interface Remote Monitoring System (RMS), service providers can maximize the efficiency of their engineering staff by allowing engineers to monitor the network through autonomous data collection and remotely analyze, and correct network problems before they affect your subscribers.

A series of remote probes are deployed in service and test vehicles and collect data without user intervention. That means you can identify and troubleshoot problems without scheduling a drive test.

No longer do engineers need to spend time driving to find the problem, driving back to the office, analyzing the data, driving back out to the site, and starting the process again. Now, engineers in the office can analyze data collected from the remote probes using a centralized server with an interactive Web interface.

With Agilent's Air Interface RMS, you can identify and solve network problems in hours, rather than days.


  • Data gathering probes measure:
    • Call quality
    • Call statistics
    • Serving cell information
    • Neighbor cell information
    • Location
    • Dropped called
    • Access failures
    • RF performance
  • Web-based application provides:
    • Network-wide probe configuration via a standard web browser
    • Historical trending analysis based on aggregated binned data and triggered alarm data
    • Binned statistics and analysis for busy hour or non-busy hour analysis
    • Record and analyze measurements based on aggregated binned data and triggered alarm data
    • Architecture allows for standardized practices throughout the entire network
  • Central control and configuration to:
    • Communicate with all probes
    • Set up parameters and alarms
    • Download test routines
    • Upgrade probe software and firmware
    • Support multiple probes
  • Data post processing provides:
    • Historical trending
    • Statistical analysis
    • Problem area identification
    • Resolution suggestions
    • Automated reporting
New and Enhanced Solutions for Wireless Service Providers Reduce 2.5G and 3G Deployment Costs, 3G, October 23, 2002
Agilent releases products geared toward 3G, RCR Wireless News, October 23 2002
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Web Cast: Overcoming the challenges of Deploying 2.5G and 3G Networks
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New Remote Monitoring System for Wireless Networks Increases Efficiency up to 60 Percent, Cuts Operational Costs
The Proactive Approach to Greater Network Performance, Wireless Review, June 2002
Product Overview: Agilent Air Interface Remote Monitoring System
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