Agilent and Value Instruments

Providing High-Value Test Equipment in a Small Package

November 18, 2010

Worldwide, there is a demand by technical customers for value test and measurement (T&M) instruments. The expectation for just low-cost instruments has dramatically changed. The historical "just-enough-is-sufficient" is not sufficient today. The low cost instrument now requires:

  • Multiple capabilities in one instrument
  • High portability and versatility for field use
  • Accuracy that's essential for confidence in results
  • High quality and reliability for assurance of a secured investment
  • Strong global support team to serve requests regardless of location

A New Alternative

In 2005, Agilent Technologies actively began producing and expanding its range of value instruments. What used to be applicable only to Agilent's high-end offerings--innovation, quality and broad capability--are now made available to customers in a low-cost, high value offering.

Included in the program are benchtop, handheld, modular and compact measuring instruments. Every value instrument is designed with objectives to satisfy the demands of low-cost users today.

Those requirements include:

  • High level of capability and accuracy
    • Our 70 years of experience in producing high-end instruments
  • High quality and reliability
    • Our standard test and measurement world wide
  • Global services and support
    • Our global support structure with over 100 offices worldwide

The Current Product Offering

Easy access to the right tools is an essential enabler to performing vital measurements, consequently speeding up troubleshooting and analysis. Today, low-cost instrument users are able to choose from a wide range of solutions from Agilent's value instrument offering.

  1. Benchtops
  2. Hybrid-Modules
  3. Portable-Handhelds
  4. Portable-RF
  5. Education board
  6. Connectivity cables, cards and converters
  7. Software

1. Benchtops

Figure 1: Benchtops

Figure 1: Benchtops

Basic power supplies

  • Low-noise and precise DC supply
  • Device-under-test protection

Digital multimeter

  • Broad measurement functions
  • Simple USB set-up
  • Data logging to PC
  • GPIB-style programming

2. Hybrid-Modules

Figure 2: Hybrid-Modules

Figure 2: Hybrid-Modules

USB data acquisition devices

  • Low startup cost
  • Simple USB set-up
  • Easy to use and program
  • Flexible arrangement of module as a standalone or with the chassis
  • Compact and portable form factor

USB modular scopes, function gen, DMM and more

  • Low startup cost
  • Simple USB set-up
  • Easy to use and program
  • Flexible arrangement of module as a standalone or with the chassis
  • Compact and portable form factor

3. Portable-Handhelds

Figure 3: Portable-Handhelds

Figure 3: Portable-Handhelds

Handheld clamp meters

  • Large clamp opening up to 2 inches
  • High current measurement up to 1000 A
  • Peak hold capability for inrush currents
  • Includes full-featured DMM capabilities

Handheld DMMs

  • Razor-sharp readings in any lighting and angle with OLED-based model*
  • Accurate readings with true RMS and low error rate
  • Extra measurement capabilities**: Low impedance mode, low pass filter, Smart Ω, harmonic ratio, switch counter, dual/differential temperature and PC data-logging
  • Bundled accessories to well-equip users from the start

* indoors, wide viewing angle up to 160 degrees
** model dependent

Handheld digital oscilloscopes

  • 3-in-1: Scope, DMM and data logger in one instrument
  • Huge LCD color display, high sampling rate and deep memory
  • Data downloadable directly to PC or USB thumb drive
  • Quick Help available in multiple languages

Handheld capacitance/LCR meters

  • Assurance of quality and reliability from the world's No.1 manufacturer of LCR meters
  • Affordable tools for quick, indicative LCR tests
  • Small form factors for convenient on-the-go LCR testing

Handheld multi-function calibrator/meter

  • 2-in-1: Calibrator and DMM in one instrument
  • Simultaneous source and measure capabilities
  • Full-span DMM measurement and recording functions

4. Portable-RF

Figure 4: Portable-RF

Figure 4: Portable-RF

Handheld power meter

  • Standalone and lightweight with integrated power sensor and built-in display
  • Intuitive front panel interface for easy navigation and quick access to functions
  • Multiple power-up methods: batteries, PC’s USB interface or AC-DC converter module

USB power sensors

  • Standalone and lightweight without need for power meters, external power adapters and triggering modules
  • Internal zeroing capability to reduce wear-out and set-up time
  • Enhanced measurement capability with bundled software
  • Simple USB set-up

5. Education board

Figure 5: Education board

Figure 5: Education board

Electronic instrumentation training kit

  • Bundled classroom and lab coursework materials

6. Connectivity cables, cards and converters

Figure 6: Connectivity cables, cards and converters

Figure 6: Connectivity cables, cards and converters

I/O hardware connectivity

  • PCI and PCIe-based GPIB cards
  • USB/GPIB converter
  • USB/4-port RS-232 interface
  • LAN/GPIB or RS-232 gateway
  • LAN/5-port USB hub
  • LXI Class B nanosecond-precision triggering device
  • GPIB cables and adapter

7. Software

Figure 7 - Software

Figure 7: Software

Agilent VEE graphical language environment

  • Quick instrument connectivity
  • Easy to learn and use, hence easier programming
  • Integrated with powerful MATLAB analysis and visualization functions
  • Open to other software and hardware
  • Latest industry-standard support, including Windows 7


Agilent has established a strong global service and support network. It is committed to expand the range of value test products with more innovative, affordable, high-quality test solutions to aid the everyday tasks engineers and technicians require.


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