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New Varian UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer Family Breaks Through Previous Photometric Performance Standards

Materials Science, Photonics, Semiconductor, and Life Science Measurements Made Faster, More Accurately 

NEW ORLEANS, Mar 19, 2002

Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq:VARI) today set a new standard for UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer performance by launching its Varian Cary 4000/5000/6000i and Deep UV family of research-grade instruments. Incorporating several newly patented technologies, the scientific instruments perform the most demanding photometric measurements more accurately and faster than other commercially available systems.

UV-Vis-NIR (ultraviolet-visible-near-infrared) spectrophotometry is used for the analysis and characterization of samples by measuring the absorption and reflectance of ultraviolet and visible radiation in photonics, materials science, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and life science applications.

This next generation of Varian's world-renowned UV-Vis-NIR instruments is targeted at growth areas including measuring filters and fiber optic materials for telecommunications, quality control of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products, and characterizing semiconductor wafers and chip-making materials. The instruments can also be used for measuring the ability of sunscreens and clothing to block out harmful UV rays from the sun, and many general chemical analyses in industrial, food processing, and life science laboratories.

"With the 4000/5000/6000i and Deep UV instruments, Varian, Inc. is providing UV-Vis NIR spectrophotometer performance that will satisfy our customers' needs for many years," explained Garry Rogerson, senior vice president of Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc.

"We studied the most pressing photometric measurement requirements facing semiconductor fabrication, photonics research and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications during product development. The instruments' unparalleled performance will prove invaluable to these leading-edge technology developers and enable continued innovation in their industries," continued Rogerson.

The new generation UV-Vis-NIR series includes a more powerful and easier-to-use version of Varian's popular WinUV software interface, which among many new features includes U.S. FDA 21 CFR 11 and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compatibility for pharmaceutical applications. New design features help improve the accuracy and speed photometric measurements.

The new range of spectrophotometers includes four unique models, each targeting a wide range of applications and market segments. These include two world's firsts:

  • The Cary 6000i, offering unmatched NIR performance, remains the world's only UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer offering a detector based on InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide). The InGaAs detector provides performance up to ten times better than existing lead-sulfide technology and enables laboratories to obtain data of equal quality in a fraction of the time. The InGaAs detector provides significantly increased sensitivity at infrared wavelengths when compared to that available with lead-sulfide technology. With this instrument, customers can create a primary reference spectrophotometer in the NIR range -- providing absolute accuracy measurements without referring to external calibration standards.
  • The Cary Deep UV is the world's first, research-grade UV-Vis spectrophotometer for making measurements to 157 nm and beyond. Measurements at these wavelengths are critical for many photonics applications, and for characterizing silicon wafers, photoresists and microlithography optical components such as stepper optics.

The Varian Cary 4000/5000/6000i spectrophotometers are available for May 2002 delivery.

About Varian, Inc.

Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq:VARI) is a major supplier of scientific instruments, vacuum technologies, and specialized contract manufacturing services. These businesses serve life science, health care, chemical analysis, industrial, and electronics customers worldwide. The company manufactures in 15 locations in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim and employs some 4,100 people. Varian, Inc. had fiscal year 2001 sales of $749 million. Additional information about Varian, Inc. is available at www.varianinc.com.

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