Agilent Technologies Announces High-Speed Digital Seminar Tour with Micron

High-Speed Digital Tour Will Cover More Than 20 Locations Throughout Europe

SANTA CLARA, Calif. May 24, 2013

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced its 2013 High-Speed Digital Tour, covering more than 20 locations throughout Europe.

High-speed digital design challenges faced by electronic systems companies are growing exponentially in every sector of consumer electronics, computing, telecommunications and aerospace. Demand for ever-higher interconnect and memory data rates continues relentlessly in the pursuit of ever more competitive smart and cloud-connected products. Microwave effects now dominate, and referenced legacy designs no longer work, forcing engineering teams to think again about how they predict and account for signal integrity issues in the race to get new products to market.

The no-cost seminars in over 20 cities across Europe, taught by Agilent and experts partners, will show attendees how they can successfully navigate through today's high-speed technology challenges-from early design through prototype verification-while ensuring robust, compliant designs which can be optimized for cost and low power. Demonstrations of Agilent instruments and partner tools will be made available during the seminar.

"I am delighted to be able to count Micron as a key Agilent strategic partner for this high-speed digital tour," said Thierry Locquette, Agilent's program manager for high-speed digital in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "A lot is happening in memory right now, forming the core of any modern HSD system. We no longer find ourselves in a one-size-fits-all world where memory is a commodity and plays a subordinate role in system performance."

With over 30 years of leadership in the memory industry, Micron offers a broad range of memory semiconductor solutions to meet the specific needs of every segment, from networking to mobile, automotive to consumer, computing to industrial. In DRAM, Micron is committed to long-term support for legacy SDR, DDR and DDR2 products, along with today's mainstream DDR3. Micron is also one of the leaders in the design and volume introduction of new innovative technologies such as DDR4, Reduced Latency DRAM, Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) and Non-Volatile DIMM's.

Micron's seminar focus will be on DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 DRAM, highlighting specific features, performance characteristics and essential signal-integrity design guidelines in order to predictably close the subsystem design.

"Close partnerships are essential to the process of developing truly breakthrough systems," said Robert Feurle, vice president of marketing for Micron's DRAM Solutions Group. "This is particularly true in high-speed system design, where every component is pushed to the edge and every parameter is critical. Agilent has maintained leadership in high-performance test and measurement by successfully establishing these critical alliances and helping to move ideas to market faster. Micron is proud to be Agilent's partner in high-performance memory."

In addition, starting in September, Agilent will also deliver four-day, in-depth training sessions in Europe, which will teach engineers how to address signal-integrity challenges, including channel simulation, IBIS-AMI models, jitter generation and analysis, and PCB design-flow integration in Agilent's Advanced Design System.

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