Agilent Technologies Announces High-Speed Digital Seminar Tour with Xilinx

Tour Will Cover More Than 20 Locations Throughout Europe

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 11, 2013

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced a European seminar tour in conjunction with Xilinx, focused on testing designs for high-speed digital devices. The free, 20-city seminar tour will present the rigorous design methodologies required for correlating simulation and measurements, enabling attendees to understand how to cut through the challenges of multi-gigabit digital designs and execute projects predictably, on schedule and with fewer prototype iterations.

Xilinx, the world's leading provider of all programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs, is partnering with Agilent on this tour, now in its second year.

The challenges of high-speed digital design affect telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and other industries. Data rates are exponentially increasing, which generates signal-integrity issues that require high-quality design, simulation, measurement and protocol analysis tools. The seminar will specifically help designers using IBIS and IBIS-AMI models to anticipate signal-integrity issues. It will also help measurement engineers characterize and debug high-speed links using accurate S-parameter, TDR and eye-diagram measurements as well as jitter decomposition techniques.

"We will be able to provide designers with guidance on how to design systems based on FPGAs and SoCs, utilizing their very high bandwidth, speed and signal integrity," said Giles Peckham, European marketing director, Xilinx. "With bandwidths of up to 2.78 Tb/s and speeds of up to 28 Gb/s, it is important to understand the critical design factors which need to be optimized and how to specifically do that. Coupling this know-how with Agilent's fully integrated and correlated test flow solution will greatly assist designers in their quest for rugged and reliable high-performance systems."

"I am very pleased to have Xilinx partnering with Agilent in this high-speed digital seminar tour," said Thierry Locquette, manager of Agilent's high-speed digital program in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "I am confident the in-depth content of these seminars will help our mutual customers meet their design requirements."

Agilent will provide demonstrations of its design tools and instruments during the seminars. The company offers a complete set of tools that helps designers and lab engineers address the challenges in high-speed digital applications such as PCIe, DDR, USB, HDMI and MIPI. For more information on the High-Speed Digital Seminar tour or to register, go to

Starting in September, Agilent will conduct four-day training sessions in Europe, which will teach engineers how to address signal-integrity challenges such as channel simulation, IBIS-AMI modeling, jitter generation and analysis and PCB design-flow integration using Agilent's Advanced Design System.

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