Agilent Technologies Extends Target-Enrichment Platform to Desktop Sequencers


MARCO ISLAND, Fla., (AGBT), Feb. 14, 2012

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today expanded its SureSelect target-enrichment system with the HaloPlex target enrichment system for desktop sequencers. The product will be unveiled at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting here tomorrow.

Exclusive HaloPlex technology combines the speed and specificity of polymerase chain-reaction systems with the scalability and capture-size flexibility of in-solution hybridization formats. The library prep-free single tube protocol overcomes the target-number limitations of multiplex PCR due to cross-hybridization issues, reduces sample prep time to less than one day, and is compatible with Illumina MiSeq desktop sequencers as well as HiSeq and GAIIx sequencers.

"While next-generation sequencing has made the analysis of complete genomes possible, often we have more targeted questions where we want to survey small sets of genes in large numbers of individuals," said Edwin Cuppen, principal investigator, Genome Biology, Hubrecht Institute. "For the range of a few to dozens of genes, current hybrid capture enrichment technologies have their limitations. HaloPlex technology very nicely fills this gap and makes it possible for us to capture the complete coding sequences of two to 20 genes in a single reaction. This is with efficiency of more than 90 percent of reads on-target.

"The combined application of HaloPlex enrichment technology with Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing provides a versatile and rapid setup for high-throughput, small-footprint target gene resequencing."

Dr. Cuppen is part of Agilent's Early Access program for HaloPlex compatibility with Ion Torrent platforms.

"This is just one example of our aggressive product development program to strengthen SureSelect's leadership position," said Olle Ericsson, founder of Halo Genomics and now Agilent director of marketing, DNA Sequencing. "In just two years since its launch, SureSelect has been cited as playing a key role in more than 200 major published studies. HaloPlex is an innovative technology that puts Agilent ahead of the curve as desktop sequencing and target enrichment move into clinical research."

HaloPlex is a customizable product that enables users to create designs to enrich thousands of genomic targets in less than 10 minutes using the free Web Design Wizard.

Agilent obtained the product in December 2011 with the acquisition of Halo Genomics of Uppsala, Sweden. HaloPlex technology is a perfect complement to the Agilent SureSelect target-enrichment system. The new product now also benefits from Agilent's R&D, manufacturing and distribution resources.

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