Agilent Technologies' SystemVue Now Links C++ Code Generation, X-parameters for RF-DSP Co-Design


SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 15, 2010

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that its new release of SystemVue software generates C++ code and supports X-parameter* models for connecting communications system-level design to baseband DSP and RF design flows. SystemVue 2010.01 also includes 4G applications for digital pre-distortion and MIMO channel modeling, as well as updates to its LTE, DVB-2, OFDM, and ZigBee reference libraries.

The latest version introduces a new export capability for C++ source code generation and dynamic linked library (DLL) models. With this capability, SystemVue connects to virtual verification platforms and mainstream hardware design flows, even if those platforms lack a specific focus on communications and signal processing. The export capability also is included in the new W1718 C++ code generator.

Designers can generate compiled .DLL libraries that add custom physical layer (PHY) communications models to other development environments and for verification of RF component designs using ADS Ptolemy. Export of compiled models is free of charge with the W1461 SystemVue base platform.

"When we demonstrated SystemVue's code-generation capability at SDR Forum 2009 in December, customers received it enthusiastically," said José Luis Pino, principal engineer with Agilent's SystemVue architecture team. "Together with recent advances in simulation, the SystemVue platform now goes beyond the original potential of the Ptolemy technology."

SystemVue 2010.01's system-level support for X-parameter models brings a new level of modeling convenience, RF simulation speed, and RF accuracy to a new audience: baseband DSP developers and system-level architects. By offering this support, Agilent has abstracted X-parameters as a design flow bridge between wireless component designers and baseband developers looking for a better way to co-design and co-verify during their design process. The models are available as a free upgrade to owners of the W1719 RF System Design Kit, which adds a dedicated RF capability to the main SystemVue platform.

New application and reference libraries include:

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Agilent's SystemVue 2010.01 is now available for download at Pricing for the SystemVue environment starts at approximately $17,000. A free 30-day evaluation is available at A photo of SystemVue with the new modules is available at

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